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25th of June 2021 | Online

NABC members are invited for an online networking event with members of the IRO (The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry) and the offshore community of Rotterdam (RPPC), on June 25th.

Past events


13th of April 2021 | Virtual

Join NABC’s and IOM the Netherlands upcoming webinar on harnessing top Nigerian tech talent to accelerate COVID-19 recovery on Tuesday 13 April 2021 from 15:00 – 16:00 (CEST) to learn more about the opportunities for your company to tap into Nigeria’s tech talent…


6th of October 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

Join our upcoming webinar on working with African talent and creating a diverse workplace on Tuesday 6 October 2020 from 14:00 – 15:15 (CEST). During this webinar you will learn how to approach diversity in talent acquisition and how the MATCH project can provide access to d…


18th of September 2020 |

The digital SEO copywriting workshop will equip small business owners with a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) under the umbrella of content/web marketing.


1st of September 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

What are the advantages of doing business in Burkina Faso? Which sectors and industries are performing especially well, and what advice is given to international companies interested to enter the market? You will find out during this webinar.


14th of July 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

As part of our series of webinars on the 15 focus countries, we invite you to join our webinar on Doing Business in Tanzania.


22nd of June 2021 | Online

The African continent has experienced significant increase in the productivity of modern poultry stocks. However, with emerging transboundary animal zoonotic diseases affecting the small-scale poultry producers in particular and endangering the poultry genetic resources, app…


16th of June 2021 | Online

What role can LPG play in Africa’s energy transition? In this webinar we ask experts their opinion on this question.


1st of June 2021 |

Regaining Momentum: Africa’s Energy leading to a Smart, Green & Inclusive Economic Transformation


25th of May 2021 |

From Morocco to South Africa and from Senegal to Kenya, the digital Africa Business Week will take you along the opportunities in various African countries with a focus on agro, circular economy, healthcare, water, ICT and sustainable energy.


17th of May 2021 |

Interested in the business climate and  investment opportunities in Sudan?


19th of April 2021 | Morocco

Join RVO’s virtual trade mission to Morocco on April 19th – 22nd. This mission is focused at the water sector. Morocco has launched a national water plan, indicating the challenges and ambitions in the water sector for the coming years.


14th of April 2021 |

Then take part in the virtual trade mission to Senegal from 14 to 16 April! Click here for the market study and value chain analysis of the aforementioned sectors.


25th of March 2021 |

In countries around the globe, climate change has come back to the political agendas.  ‘Building back better’ is a widely-used phrase. But how is that in Africa? Join us on the 25th of March to learn about the future of renewables in Africa.


23rd of March 2021 |

The COVID-19 pandemic put a cap on the usual flow of things however, the impact of the coronavirus was not felt evenly across the sexes with many women feeling the economic and social fallout. For this reason, we invite you to the 4th edition of the annual International Wome…


16th of December 2020 | The Hague , The Netherlands

We invite all NABC members to a session about our initiative: ’15 consortia for 15 focus countries’ at the beginning of the second day of the Digital Africa Business Days.


16th of December 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

NABC and IOM the Netherlands invite you to join the Virtual Matchmaking Event: MATCH & Meet African Talent on 16 December 2020. Participate in this event and enjoy 1-on-1 virtual meetings with top talents from Nigeria based on your specific hiring needs.


15th and 16th of December | Worldwide,

Digital Africa Business Days is the largest digital business forum for sustainable trade and investment between the Netherlands and Africa.


13th of November 2020 | Delft, The Netherlands

The aims of the workshop are twofold: to present and discuss the final outputs of the “Integrated and Sustainable Port Development in Ghana within an African Context” project and to canvas the opinions of participants on how they and others can use the developed framework fo…


28th of October 2020 |

Companies that are active or interested in doing business in Niger are invited to join NABC’s webinar.


8th of October 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

Is your company doing business in or with Morocco or are you considering to start doing so? Then join the webinar: Doing Business in Morocco. In cooperation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and VNO-NCW.


7th of October 2020 |

How might your business be exposed to currency volatility, and how should you deal with it? In this webinar, experts of TCX Fund and NABC Strategic Partner, StoneX, will explain the factors driving currency volatility in Africa, as well as the difference between currency ris…


15th of September 2020 | The Hague, The Netherlands

During this webinar about Sudan we will hear about business opportunities in Sudan, Africa’s sixth-largest economy.


9th of September 2020 | Accra, Ghana

On 9th September 2020, a stakeholder engagement session will be organised on ‘The Way Forward for Sustainable Youth Employment in Ghana’ in Accra, Ghana. The session will kick-start the conversation across sectors on a way forward for youth employment in Ghana.

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