Tanzania-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum

The NABC together with the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Netherlands, is hosting the Tanzania-Trade Business and Investment Forum, taking place on the 14th of November at Marriott Hotel in The Hague.

14th of November 2023
The Hague, Netherlands
Start at:13:00
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  • With a population exceeding 63.59 million and boasting a robust GDP of $167 billion USD in 2022, Tanzania is a goldmine for sustainably driven investors.

    Mark your calendar for the Tanzania-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum, taking place on the 14th of November at the Marriott Hotel in The Hague. Get ready to dive into Tanzania’s promising sectors of renewable energy, agro-processing, and infrastructure.

    Tanzania is taking bold strides towards a diverse energy future, aiming for 6,000 MW from renewable energy by 2025. Opportunities are ripe in solar, wind, and hydropower projects, all backed by government incentives. Agriculture, which contributes nearly 30% to the GDP, beckons investors to enhance value and quality. Government initiatives, including subsidies and flagship projects, pave the way for success. Furthermore, Tanzania’s construction industry is booming, fuelled by major infrastructure projects such as the Magadi Soda Project Engaruka and the Kilwa Fishing Port. These developments open up a wealth of investment opportunities.

    Seize this chance to connect with key stakeholders, tap into unexplored markets, and become a part of Tanzania’s transformative journey towards sustainable growth. Register today to harness Tanzania’s boundless potential!

    The Tanzania-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum is organised by the NABC in close collaboration with the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Netherlands.

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    Sector-specific Session Descriptions

    The Netherlands-Tanzania Business and Investment Forum will offer three repeating simultaneous breakout sessions on the focus sectors, those being: agro-processing, renewable energy, and infrastructure. You can reserve your seat for two sessions upon registration.

    1. Harvesting Opportunities in Tanzania’s Agro-Processing Sector  

    The agro-processing sector in Tanzania has the potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth, job creation, and diversification of the economy, reducing the country’s dependence on traditional agricultural exports. However, addressing infrastructure challenges, improving access to finance, and enhancing the overall business environment for agro-processing, the private sector is essential for realising the full potential of this sector. Join us for an engaging workshop revealing the untapped potential of agro-processing in Tanzania, customised for Dutch enterprises. This session provides vital insights into the current business and investment landscape, the wide array of opportunities in agro-processing, and practical wisdom from a Dutch company that has successfully thrived in this sector in Tanzania.

    2. Tapping into Tanzania’s Renewable Energy Potential 

    Tanzania has been making efforts to develop and promote renewable energy sources as part of its sustainable development goals and to address energy challenges in the country. This session provides Dutch companies with specific insights into the growing opportunities in Tanzania’s renewable energy market. Delve into the current economic and regulatory environment, government incentives, and the untapped potential within this sector. Additionally, gain practical wisdom from a leading Dutch company already active in Tanzanian renewable energy.

    3. Pioneering Tanzania’s Infrastructure: Opportunities for Dutch Investors 

    Infrastructure development is a critical component of Tanzania’s economic growth and crucial for various sectors, including agriculture, transportation, energy, healthcare, education, and telecommunications. Dutch investors and businesses are invited to a comprehensive overview of opportunities in one of East Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Understand the evolving business and investment climate, government initiatives, and explore a diverse range of investment prospects. Gain insights from a successful Dutch enterprise already navigating the Tanzanian infrastructure landscape.