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NABC Members receive a discounted rate for all our events and trade missions. On top of that, you can expect to receive help from our specialised team of experts on any questions related to doing business in Africa. This includes finding a potential business partner for you, in a country of your choosing, from NABC’s database of over 10.000 contacts.

The NABC’s network provides unparalleled opportunities to network with like-minded companies, to share experiences and above all: to do business. You can connect with the NABC network during our annual events like the Ambassadors Dinner, New Year’s Reception and other various country-focused and sector specific events, Africa Business Clubs and trade missions throughout the year.

NABC members also receive a discount on services of several affiliated companies:

  • Jobnet Africa, a specialist in finding qualified staff members for senior positions in Africa. To make use of your 10% discount, get in touch with Managing Partner Inez Willeboordse. For more information: go to
  • De Vonk Advies. For intercultural training: crucial when doing business with foreign countries. NABC members receive a 10% discount on intercultural training. To make use of this, kindly indicate to Alette Vonk that you are an NABC member.
  • CIBT Visa. NABC Members receive a 10% discount on all CIBT services
  • As the Leading Global Provider with over thirty years of experience, CIBT offers a comprehensive suite of services under two primary brands: Newland Chase, a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations worldwide and CIBTvisas, the market leader for business and other travel visa services for corporate and individual clients. As the leading global provider of visa and immigration services for corporations, CIBT has expert immigration and visa professionals, attorneys and qualified migration consultants located in over 70 offices in 25 countries. Let the CIBT experts navigate the complex world of visas and immigration so you can focus on growing your business. Click here to access your discount!

Are you ready to join the network or do you have questions? Get in touch with Nuria Vlonk-Cunha Soares or Arne Doornebal.

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    Companies with three employees.
    €450 annual fee, ex. VAT

    Companies up to five employees.
    €450 annual fee, ex. VAT

    Small and medium enterprises up to 250 employees.
    €950 annual fee, ex. VAT

    Small and medium enterprises up to 250 employees based in Africa.
    €950 annual fee, ex. VAT

    NGO's, IO's, branch organizations, knowledge institutes, networking organisations.
    €950 annual fee, ex. VAT

    Companies larger than 250 employees.
    €1750 annual fee, ex. VAT

    Companies larger than 250 employees based in Africa.
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    Energy related companies: solar, wind, biogas, etc.
    All agribusiness machinery & equipment suppliers
    Commodities, grain, coffee and other staple foods
    A company that is involved in several agrofrood related sectors and can't be dedicated to one subsector.
    The design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.
    All consultants, experts and business service providers
    All capital (impact) Funds and (angel)/(impact) investors
    Companies that produce and/or distribute industrial chemicals.
    Companies tasked with designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities and other projects.
    All software, information technology companies and electronic companies
    Financial business service providers
    Companies active in foodproducts for consumers
    Retail, fashion etc. Companies looking to sell products directly to consumers
    Medical, pharmaceuticals,health service, training companies
    Redmeat & Whitemeat: Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork etc.
    All marine & offshore related companies, boat builders, dredgers etc.
    All fossill fuel companies, oil & gas related companies
    Security of people, buildings and capital goods
    All companies related to telecommunications, software & hardware
    Companies related to leisure travel, or improving countries as tourism destination
    Cultural trainings, management trainings; human resources etc.
    All transport and logistics related companies.
    Water management, delta technology, water technology, rainwater catchment etc.


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