Back to Business (B2B) Reception

Unlock New Opportunities at the Back to Business (B2B) Reception!  

14th of September 2023
The Hague, Netherlands
Start at:15:00
Annual Event
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  • Are you ready to dive back into the exciting world of business? Are you curious about what the Moroccan markets have to offer? Look no further! The Back to Business (B2B) Reception is here to reinvigorate your professional pursuits and connect you with the incoming delegation of institutional players from the Souss-Massa region of Morocco as part of the Economic Exchange Visit to the Netherlands.

    But that’s not all – indulge your senses in a curated selection of Moroccan wines for tasting, complemented by a lineup of top-tier wines from the Maghreb region, courtesy of La Grand’ Halte.

    The Back to Business Reception goes beyond a mere social gathering; it’s a catalyst for reenergising your entrepreneurial spirit, forging impactful relationships, and uncovering the immense potential that Africa has to offer.

    Secure your spot today and let’s unlock boundless possibilities together. 

  • Download the official reception flyer here to learn more about the programme, speakers, and registration!

    Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to network with industry experts and the wider NABC network over boundless business opportunities in Africa. Register today!

  • Meet the Moroccan Delegation:

    A delegation of high-level institutional players from the Souss-Massa region of Morocco will be joining the Back to Business Reception as part of the Economic Exchange Visit to the Netherlands programme. The delegation is particularly of interest to companies within the agricultural, horticultural, renewable energy, and water sectors.

    Wine tasting with La Grand’ Halte:

    Exciting News! We’re thrilled to share our upcoming collaboration with La Grand’ Halte for an exquisite afternoon of wine tasting at the Back to Business Reception. Join us in savouring the rich flavours of Domaine de Baccari, a picturesque vineyard spanning 30 hectares nestled in the rolling hills near Meknes, Morocco.

    Meknes, renowned nationally and internationally for its unique terroir, is where the magic happens. Here, under the Moroccan sun, a splendid array of French grape varieties, including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cinsault, and Grenache, ripen to perfection.

    Get ready to embark on a delightful journey through the vineyards of Domaine de Baccari and discover the essence of Moroccan winemaking excellence at the Back to Business Reception!

    Ticket information: 

    NABC Members: EUR 60,50 

    Non-NABC Members: EUR 121