Doing Business in Niger

Companies that are active or interested in doing business in Niger are invited to join NABC’s webinar.

28th of October 2020
Start at:11:00 CEST (The Hague)
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  • In the Netherlands, Niger is often seen as one of the more difficult countries for Dutch companies to do business. Still, there are inspiring stories of companies succeeding in the country. They have a successful business, while adding value locally. This webinar will zoom in on those inspiring stories to see what made the business successful and what others can learn from it.
    Speakers will also discuss the impacts of the current health and economic effects of COVID-19, as well as the security situation in the Sahel on doing business in Niger. What measures do the Nigerien government, local companies and foreign companies in Niger take to mitigate risks and continue business in insecure times?
  • To be announced shortly.

  • Yoann Le Fol, Sales Manager at Victron Energy

    Abdoul-Kader Ali Yacouba, Chef Service Développement des Échanges Commerciaux, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Niger (CCI Niger)

    Maloe de Reuver, Programme Manager NABC (Moderator)

    Other speakers to be announced shortly

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