Zambia-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum

The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Brussels have united to present the Zambia-Netherlands Business Forum, taking place on the 28th of May 2024 in The Hague.

28th of May 2024
The Hague, Netherlands
Start at:12:30
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  • Zambia, situated in Southern Africa, boasts a burgeoning economy with over 20 million inhabitants, predominantly youth. Rich in natural resources, wildlife, and scenic landscapes, including the majestic Victoria Falls, it’s a standout destination. With a robust GDP of approximately US$21 billion and stable macroeconomic fundamentals, Zambia offers a favourable investment climate. Positioned as a trade and investment hub, Zambia’s membership in COMESA, SADC, and AfCFTA enhances its regional and continental economic ties. Renowned for its investor-friendly policies, stable political environment, and ease of doing business, Zambia remains a prime investment destination since gaining independence in 1964.

    In a collaborative effort, The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Brussels have united to present the Zambia-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum, taking place on the 28th of May 2024 at the Malietoren, The Hague. The Forum will explore trade and investment opportunities within the key sectors of agriculture and agri-logistics, renewable energy, and waste management.

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  • Interesting facts about the focus sectors: 


    • Zambia boasts 752,000 square kilometers of land, with 58 percent being arable. However, only 15 percent of this land is currently under cultivation, presenting significant development opportunities. 
    • It has abundant water resources for irrigation accounting for 40 percent of the water resource in the SADC region. Given its vast resource endowment, Zambia has huge potential to expand its agricultural production. 
    • Livestock breeding centers and aquaculture development fall under the spearheads of the Zambian Government.  
    • New farming blocks have been established to attract local and international investors, emphasising the government’s recognition of the need to diversify into agro-processing.  


    • The demand for electricity in Zambia has grown steadily, providing investment opportunities in electricity generation, particularly in the off-grid market and renewable energies. 
    •  There are notable low-hanging fruits in the development of Zambia’s electricity mix. While Zambia has the potential to generate 2,300 MW of solar and 3,000 MW of wind, only 76 MW of solar has been installed, and no wind power to date. 

    Waste Management: 

    • Zambia sees potential in the circular economy, offering opportunities to eliminate waste and pollution while contributing to economic growth, job creation, and green initiatives. 
    • Investment opportunities arise in waste separation and collection, waste-to-energy initiatives, centralised organic fertilizer production, and animal feed production. 


    • Positioned in the heart of the South African region, Zambia heavily relies on its transport network for exports and imports. 
    • Opportunities abound in the transportation sector, including railways, roads, bridges, aerodromes, airports, inland waterways, and maritime infrastructure. 
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