Ambassadors’ Dinner 2022

The 11th edition of Ambassadors’ Dinners is returning to its physical form and will take place on the 24th of November at the lavish Kasteel de Wittenburg in Wassenaar.

24th of November 2022
Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Start at:15:00
Annual Event
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  • The last time we welcomed African Ambassadors assigned to the Benelux, our members, and the wider network for an afternoon of matchmaking and fine dining was in 2019. We had no idea that for the next two years we would remain connected through virtual means alone.Therefore, with great honour, we are happy to announce that long awaited 11th edition of Ambassadors’ Dinner is returning to its physical form and will take place on the 24th of November at the lavish Kasteel de Wittenburg in Wassenaar. The Ambassadors’ Dinner, like every year, will host the Doing Business in Africa (DBA) Award ceremony during which you will have the opportunity to decide who will be the recipient of the DBA 2022 Award. Join us for an evening of matchmaking, fine dining, and merriment by reserving your seat now!

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  • Each year NABC has the honour to hand out the “Doing Business in Africa” Award. During the annual Ambassadors’ Dinner at the end of the year, three pre-selected companies are given the floor to pitch themselves and their successful business activities in Africa. The audience votes on the company that has achieved an honourable success and thus wins the Doing Business in Africa Award. After COVID-19 governed years, we are returning to the physical stage with three nominees who will be competing for the Doing Business in Africa Award 2022. The submission period is now open. 

    The Doing Business in Africa Award is currently only open to companies with a registered office in the Netherlands and established business activities within one, or more, of the 54 African countries. The service or the product adds value locally in Africa and has a clear link to the SDGs.

    The Future-proof criteria* for the pre-selection: 

    • Innovative: The company offers a service or a product that applies new methods, technologies, ideas, or delivery procedures. The service or the product delivers recognisable results and has a positive impact on the business itself and those it serves. 
    • Environmental sustainable: The business model and the processes of delivering a service or a product (supply chain) have been developed to minimise negative impact on the ecological balance. 
    • Financial Sustainable: The company/organisation has been profitable in their business activities and presents a long-term vision on how to guarantee the financial sustainability of the business model and has growth potential. 
    • Promotes inclusive development: The company is working in and with Africa. In addition, the company contributes to  local employment opportunities and/or entrepreneurship.

    *Applicant company must at least be Financial Sustainabile and meet one additional criterion from above outlined criteria.

    As an NABC member you can nominate yourself, a fellow NABC member, or another company, by submitting an explanation of how the company in question meets the aforementioned pre-selection criteria. The deadline for submission is the 7th of October. To learn about the nomination and voting process, kindly click here.

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