Africa Works! 2024 “Africa’s Green Industrialisation/Made in Africa”

The 6th edition of the NABC’s flagship conference Africa Works! will take place on the 23rd of April at the Royal Tropical Institute – KIT in Amsterdam.

23rd of April 2024
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Start at:08:30
Flagship Event
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  • With a current population of 1.4 billion, projected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050, African nations grapple with the challenge of achieving economic transformation while navigating environmental risks. Africa Works! 2024, themed “Africa’s Green Industrialisation/Made in Africa,” will spotlight green solutions for sustainable economic diversification. We will explore opportunities in circular food productionrenewable energy, and sustainable agro-logistics, asking how the private sector, both Dutch and African, can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive future for the continent.

    Africa Works! 2024 will feature world-class speakers, high-quality workshops, insightful country-focus sessions, investment pitches, and networking. 

    To maximise the potential partnerships and collaborations between African and European companies and organisations, the 2024 edition of Africa Works! will once again welcome strong African delegations with concrete investment opportunities and projects for partnerships and cooperation.

    Africa Works! aims to:

    • Make visible the investment and trade opportunities in different African countries;
    • Connect Dutch/European companies with competent authorities, and businesses from Africa;
    • Accelerate strategic partnerships between businesses;
    • Facilitate Public-Private-Partnerships;
    • Connect (international) investors with opportunities across Africa;
    • Enable SMEs and start-ups to find alternative financing solutions; and
    • Much more!

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