Africa Business Club: Global Cyber Security Management

How to manage your global cyber security? This question and many more will be answered by Kick-ICT: The Hague-based ICT specialists that recently joined the NABC.

13th of October 2022
Kick ICT, Oder 12-14, The Hague, Netherlands
Start at:15:00
Africa Business Club
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  • Is your company expanding? Are you planning to open up an office in an African country or to hire a remote-working employee abroad? Then there are quite a couple of digital aspects that need to be thought through. How do you build a robust ICT infrastructure that is resilitent to possible threats?

    These questions and many more will be answered by Kick-ICT: the Hague-based ICT specialists that recently joined the NABC.

    During an insightful afternoon-session, two Kick-ICT experts will share their insights in this topic with an NABC member attending the event. Stop by for a free training on how to recognise phishing e-mails and other attempts made by hackers to acces your data and pick up your free goody-bag. Do you know evertying about the dangers of Phising? Then participate in our test and make sure you win a prize! 

    At the end of the afternoon, there will be a moment of relexation and informal networking, while sharing a drink.

    ‘How to manage your global cybersecurity’ takes place on October 13th at 15:00.

  • Programme

    15:00 Walk-In
    15:30 Word of Welcome and Introduction  Núria Vlonk-Cunha Soares, NABC’s Head of Community, Events and African Insights Desk and Kick-ICT
    15:40 Introduction of Participants Participants
    15:45 Presentation about the risks of a remote workforce and how to safely secure and manage your network/data from one location. Background information on how to tackle these risks and protect your network/data from start to finish. Additional information on Endpoint-protection and software, as well as KICK-ICT services to protect your business so you can focus on what you do best. Mr. Niels Tazelaar
    16:15 Presentation about awareness. Humans are the weakest link in an organisation concerning cybersecurity. That is why KICK- ICT developed its own digital course to raise more awareness in business environments. Gain valuable knowledge on password management, phishing and other cyber risks. After the this session, you won’t be caught as easily as before! Mr. Joost Scheffers
    16:45 Q & A Audience and Host
    17:00 Networking Reception All
    18:00 End of Event