15 Consortia for 15 focus countries

We invite all NABC members to a session about our initiative: ’15 consortia for 15 focus countries’ at the beginning of the second day of the Digital Africa Business Days.

16th of December 2020
The Hague , The Netherlands
Start at:09:00 CEST
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  • We invite all NABC members to an online session about the initiative: ’15 consortia for 15 focus countries.’

    Over the past months, we have evaluated the things we do and the impact we have. At a time when international travel was nearly non-existent, our carefully built consortia of companies continued operations in a number of African countries. While half the world was in lock-down, the hybrid seeds-project in Nigeria, supplied by Dutch companies, continued to grow. Trainings were given to groups of farmers and via local radio stations and videos. Also, our poultry consortium in Tanzania continued its operations, with chickens fed on nutritious food containing Dutch ingredients.

    Cooperation, something the Netherlands has been historically good at, is in 2020 more than ever the way to go. Joining forces means sharing risks. Therefore, we initiated the plan of action titled ’15 consortia for 15 focus countries’ under which we intend to build 15 of such consortia.

    The aim is to set up one consortium in each of the 15 focus countries as determined by the Africa Strategy. This strategy was launched in late 2019 and has been developed in cooperation with VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland, FMO, NLinBusiness, PUM and DECP. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte received a copy of this strategy while on a working visit to Nigeria.

    The partners mentioned above have endorsed this action plan of implementation of the strategy, which will ensure more than 100 African companies and 100 Dutch companies to set up intense business development and market entry programmes.

    We consider it of utmost importance to link up with our members and to explain more about what this all entails, and how you can be inspired to be part of this significant plan to boost African trade and investment. We have already developed a number of consortia initiatives and we are inviting you to send us your ideas and feedback.

    Where do you see a consortium you would like to be part of? Which companies could be willing to join in as well? Then please join this session.

  • 15 Consortia in 15 Focus countries

    Time Speaker Topic
    09:00 Rosmarijn Fens, Project leader, NABC Introduction to the programme
    09:05 Peter de Ruiter, Managing Director, NABC Presentation: 15 consortia in 15 focus countries
    09:15 Mustafa Amhaouch and Arne Weverling, Members of Parliament Q and A about parliamentary support for the consortia
    09:25 Peter-Bart Lichtenbeld, Sales Director Africa, Vencomatic Group Advantages of being part of a consortium
    09:30 Noortje Magis, FMO Bankability and the stages of project finance
    09:35 All participants Discussion and member input regarding the consortia



  • Peter de Ruiter. Managing Director, NABC

    Rosmarijn Fens. Project Leader, NABC.

    Mustafa Amhaouch, Member of Parliament, CDA

    Arne Weverling, Member of Parliament, VVD.

    Peter-Bart Lichtenbeld, Vencomatic Group

    Noortje Magis, FMO

  • Click here to download the Africa Strategy in Dutch, English or French.