Kabir Ademoh

Kabir Ademoh has worked on a variety of roles within the Agricultural and Development sector over the past 9 years mainly as an agricultural project manager with experience in modern vegetable production and agribusiness value chain in Nigeria. He has a background in Analytical Chemistry with working experiences as a Quality Control Officer before delving into Agriculture and Development projects. Since 2012 he has worked on a plethora of agricultural projects targeted towards social entrepreneurship and sustainable living. His work includes developing and raising funding for the Waste -2- Watts Project which utilizes agricultural waste to generate energy for off-grid communities and Fresh Daily a scheme to help develop farm to table market solutions for vegetable producers within Abuja. He holds a Bsc Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences from Brighton University and a PG Res Instrumental Analysis University of Warwick.

Kabir Ademoh is the local coordinator for the NABC’s Seeds For Change (S4C) Project in Nigeria which aims to help Nigerian farmers enhance their yield and quality of produce through high-quality hybrid vegetable seeds and biological crop protection and backed by world-class training and expertise.