Jamal Andrew

Having joined the NABC team in 2022 as a Junior Community & Events Officer, Jamal is responsible for assisting both the Community and Events teams in engaging NABC’s clients and ensuring the smooth completion of events and initiatives which NABC organizes. 

Jamal holds a masters in Political Science: Political Economy from the University of Amsterdam and a bachelor’s in Political Science with Sociology from the University of the West Indies, Cavehill (Barbados). Much of Jamal’s master’s thesis focused on China’s rise in the global political economy and its impact on the Caribbean. Throughout his thesis, the need for sustainable development was heavily emphasized. Jamal started his career as a management assistant at NMQ Digital, where he performed various administrative tasks and supported global management teams in their operation. Given the global operation of NMQ Digital, Jamal is no stranger to working with diverse and international teams. Furthermore, Jamal has done several internships at several NGOs and political establishments. Most notable, at Atlas – The Movement where he was the communication lead and at Volt Netherlands where he was part of the campaign team. 

Jamal holds firm to the belief that balance between the three factors of civilization progress: environmental, social, and economic. To be precise, sustainable development. Jamal is confident that NABC operations, through its clients, can indeed contribute to the sustainable development of the African continent.