StoneX Global Payments

StoneX Global Payments

International money transfers are the core expertise of StoneX Payments. Transparent competitive pricing and secure, guaranteed delivery in over 140 currencies to more than 180 countries make StoneX Payments a sought-after product for businesses, NGOs and financial institutions. A long-standing and resilient network of over 350 correspondent banks enables price transparency – even in exotic local currencies. Clients StoneX services through their highly scalable, efficient, and advanced payment platforms.

Impact in Africa

StoneX Global Payments’ impact in Africa becomes clear when looking at the case of International consultancy Particip GmbH that was struggling to find ways salaries and invoices could be paid in Malawi — without expensive fees, or long deadlines. But, thanks to StoneX Global Payments’ network of more than 350 correspondent banks, it was able to find a reliable cross-border payment solution. Now, the consulting firm can execute money transfers in more than 140 currencies across over 180 countries. The fees of local experts, the running costs of local offices, and the training of teachers can be processed using StoneX’s easy-to-use platform and other seamless connectivity options. In addition, Particip GmbH can pay invoices in euros or Malawi kwacha, then transfer them to local accounts within just two working days.

Strategic Partnership

StoneX Global Payments offers NABC members access to expertise on how NGOs, financial institutions, and corporations can process seamless payments, mitigating currency risk through various FX forward contracts, including fixed and window-forward, and non-deliverable forward (NDF). Additionally, members can also take advantage of our market intelligence which gives insights into local and global FX trends.

Joint Track Record

In June 2022 StoneX Global Payments presented its services at NABC’s flagship conference Africa Works! 2022 Innovation for Resilient Growth to interested conference attendees – a network of private sector companies active on the African continent.

Additional Information on StoneX

Curious how StoneX Global Payments’ services can facilitate your business operations?

Find more information on StoneX Global Payments via or contact Jerome de Graaf, Senior Sales Manager at StoneX Global Payments, for specific questions via email: or via phone: +31 (0)6 40 96 70 58