Parliament endorses ’15 consortia for 15 African focus countries’

The majority of the members of the Dutch parliament supports the action plan '15 consortia for 15 African focus countries'.

10th of December 2020 News item

The majority of the members of the Dutch parliament have voted for a motion, asking the government to support the plan of action called ’15 consortia for 15 African focus countries,’ on December 8. The 15/15 action plan is a big step forward in the implementation of the Africa Strategy for the Dutch private sector, that was handed over to Prime Minster Mark Rutte in November last year. This plan has been endorsed by the private sector and was initiated by NABC.

Members of parliament Mustafa Amhaouch (Christian Democrats) and Arne Weverling (Liberals) tabled the parliamentary motion, asking Minister Sigrid Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to endorse the plan.

The motion was received a majority during the vote on December 8, having been accepted by all coalition parties (The Christian Union and Liberal Democrats D66 together with the parties of Mr. Amhaouch and Mr. Weverling) and a number of opposition parties, the largest among them being GroenLinks (Green left) and the labour party (PvdA).

This means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the organisations behind that crafted the plan of action ’15 consortia for 15 focus countries’ (VNO-NCW, NLinBusiness, FMO, DECP, PUM and NABC) will enter discussions on how the 15 consortia can best be realised, and how this can be best supported, logistically and financially.

NABC Members will be informed about this plan during a dedicated webinar on December 16th, whereby MPs Amhaouch and Weverling will be in attendance, starting at 09:00. You can register here.