Tom Borghols

Tom Borghols (1956) is a Dutch national, living in Delft. He is married and father of two sons. Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in Dutch civil law and a master’s degree in international law, both at the University of Leiden.

Tom has been active in the banking industry for 40 years, with ABN AMRO Bank, then Fortis Bank The Netherlands, and thereafter with Rabobank. He has been active in wholesale and retail, both in the business and in the (credit) risk area.

Tom has worked in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda, mostly as  Chief Risk Officer with one of the biggest banks in these countries. Next to the ordinary banking business special attention was given to finance MSEs and SMEs as well as farmer groups. Currently, Tom, as a consultant, is active on projects relating to sub-Saharan Africa and India.