Helene Weesie

Helene is an entrepreneurial senior executive with 30+ years in consumer goods (at DIAGEO, Heineken and Unilever) in General Management, Marketing and Commercial. She brings 12 years of work experience in Africa/Middle East, 10 years in Caribbean/Central America and further in greater Europe.  Living experience in 8 countries, most recently in Tanzania and Ghana. Fluent in English and Spanish.

What does Helene bring to the table? She helps to formulate the strategic vision for a business or organization, is able to engage the team behind the new direction and together implement the desired changes. Helene is passionate about people and team building, inspiring them to think out of the box.

She is known as a strong advocate of making sustainability, diversity & inclusion an integral part of business. From her many different roles/countries she is well experienced in Governance, Strategic Oversight and Stakeholder management in different cultures and regulatory systems.

Helene has served both as Executive and non-Executive Director on a variety of Boards.