Warning: NABC e-mail compromised

Please DO NOT OPEN any emails from NABC staff members that look suspicious.

23rd of December 2021 News item

Dear NABC members and contacts,

It has come to our attention that numerous emails have been sent, appearing to come from NABC staff members, in recent days. Some of these emails contained advertisements, commercial links and attachments. Please note that these messages have NOT been sent by NABC staff members.

Unfortunately, our email system has been compromised and has been used to send these messages without our consent. We have therefore blocked all outgoing emails, while experts are quarantining all messages while a solution is being sought. It may take until after Christmas before the systems are properly up and running again.

Please DO NOT OPEN any emails from us that look suspicious.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. You can reach us by telephone (+31 70 – 304 3618) on December 23rd and 24th. The office will be closed between December 27 and December 31.

The NABC management team.