Trainings of farmers held in Kano, Nigeria

Over the past two months, our Seeds for Change programme organised two major trainings for farmers in Kano State, Nigeria.

6th of October 2020

The Seeds for Change (S4C) mandate is to support the African farmer in accessing knowledge and growing techniques to optimise yields. In August and September 2020, S4C organised two major trainings for farmers in Kano State of Nigeria as part of the K2K Academy. This is a blended learning training program in which the renowned Dutch Wageningen University (WUR) and S4C cooperate. Together, they have established a team of 30 ‘super trainers’ in vegetable cultivation practices and a knowledge base to support horticultural sector development in Kano. With the acquired knowledge, the trainees will train farmers, who in turn also train more farmers in their various clusters.

‘We believe that this approach has more far-reaching benefits, because it reaches more farmers,’ said Mr. Kabir Ademoh, the Project Coordinator of S4C.

The trainings were held in four Locations in Kano, namely  Mudawa, Bayero University (BUK) Orchard, Yankaba and Garum Baba, with an average attendance of 40 participants per location. Farmers were trained on nursery management & selecting quality Inputs for vegetable farming. A second training that was conducted focused on crop nutrition, crop irrigation and fertiliser application.

‘These trainings have improved our knowledge on farming, using new proven techniques that has seen our yields increase exponentially and also reduced disease and pest pressure on our farms, commented Zanusi Inusah, an S4C pepper demo farmer at Garum Baba.

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