NABC celebrates 75 years

In 2021 we celebrate our 75th birthday! The Netherlands-African Business Council, initially named the ‘Africa Institute,’ was established during the last months of World War II and started operations in 1946.

5th of January 2021
In our upcoming annual magazine, you will find a portrait of Karel Paul van der Mandele, the banker and chairman of Rotterdam’s’ Chamber of Commerce, who was the founding father of NABC. Mr. Van der Mandele was convinced that the Netherlands needed to trade with other nations and that recovery after the war was an absolute necessity. Later, the port of Rotterdam indeed became one of the largest sea ports in the world.

Today, 75 years later, history partly repeats itself. Although of a totally different category, once again we are looking at a worldwide crisis, which has effected nearly every nation in the world.  And just like our founding father said in the 1940s, present-day NABC is convinced that once again the keyword is cooperation. The corona pandemic is not over until all countries have access to the corona vaccine. Only then we can deem ourselves safe and international trade can continue unabated. The only way forward is when the world comes together and jointly battles the ongoing crisis. A happy New Year to all of you!