Kukua na Kuku Impact Cluster Training of Trainers 3 Commences in Moshi, Tanzania

The third leg of the Kukua na Kuku Impact Cluster training of trainers (ToT) phase commenced on 12th April 2021 in Moshi, Tanzania. The ToT brings together Tanzanians doing poultry in Tanzania with Dutch trainers. The training is facilitated by Kilacha Agriculture and Livestock Training Centre from Moshi and Aeres University, a renowned agriculture and animal-keeping University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands.

13th of April 2021 News item

ToT brings together Tanzanian trainees from the industry, training institutes, private companies and poultry associations who are willing to train other Tanzanian poultry farmers in poultry production by sharing knowledge and skills in basic and advanced poultry production and appropriate technology from the Dutch companies involved in the Kukua na Kuku impact cluster project.

The first ToT began in December 2019 and the focus was on poultry management, farm biosecurity, farm recording and analysis and poultry disease and vaccinations.

The second TOT was an online training due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was held from October 2020 to February 2021. It handled one topic per week; farm entrepreneurship, farm recording using the iGrow Chicken app on the phone, brooding of chicks and quality of day old chicken, water management, housing systems for broilers and layers and water systems as well as water quality. This TOT was hugely successful as many farmers have been trained the graduates who went out of their way to share the knowledge and skills that have adapted in the ToT 1 and ToT 2 training programmes.

Kukua na Kuku impact cluster combines seven Dutch poultry companies, Trouw Nutrition, Impex, GD Animal Health, iGrow Chicken, Aeres, Hendrix Genetics and Vencomatic Group together through the facilitation of the Netherlands-Africa Business Council (NABC) under the support of the Tanzanian Embassy in The Netherlands and the Dutch Embassy in Tanzania.

The local stakeholder, Kilacha Agriculture and Livestock Training Centre is the organizers of the TOT and the hosts of the demonstration farm for the practical training.

The third part of the training program aims to provide basic knowledge about poultry production (layers) and management by training trainees on practical rearing and laying farm methods.

The project of the Kukua na Kuku program also aims to promote poultry farming as well as consumption of poultry products in order to ensure a sustainable growth of the poultry industry in Tanzania.