Koudijs Animal Nutrition: Growing with Africa’s Feed Markets for Tomorrow

In the world of animal nutrition, few companies can boast a legacy as rich and pioneering as Koudijs Animal Nutrition.

9th of January 2024 Member Spotlight

Koudijs, a subsidiary of De Heus Animal Nutrition, is a Dutch company and NABC member that has not ceased to innovate since its foundation in 1920. Over the years, Koudijs has evolved into an international powerhouse, producing a complete range of compound feed, premixes, concentrates, and feed specialties. Their success is not exclusively rooted in high-quality feed solutions but is interlinked with an unwavering commitment to thinking outside the box and driving positive change. 

From Local Beginnings to Global Impact 

As a Dutch company, Koudijs initially provided feed solutions in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries before venturing into international markets. The African chapter began in 1960 with a humble request for feed solutions, triggering a chain of demands that extended to farm management services. Recognising the business potential, Koudijs strategically expanded its offerings to surrounding countries and eventually across regions. Entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit are intrinsic to Koudijs‘ DNA, a sentiment underscored by Philippe Mbundu, Export Manager Central & West Africa. “At Koudijs, we are entrepreneurs unafraid to think outside the box, states Mr. Mbundu.

Providing Feeding Solutions to Africa 

Addressing the diverse challenges faced by farmers in Africa, Koudijs takes pride in providing feeding solutions tailored to local contexts and specific needs. “Our formulation department meticulously optimises feed recipes for various animal species by considering their unique nutritional requirements and utilising locally available raw materials,” explains the poultry expert and adds: “When specific materials are scarce, our technical specialists engage in collaborative efforts to develop alternative feed recipes to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality feed.” 

A significant focus of Koudijs’ efforts in Africa revolves around poultry and aqua-feeding solutions. In alignment to achieve self-sufficiency in food production and reduce imports, many African countries are formulating domestic strategies to stimulate local food production. Philippe Mbundu, emphasises the positive impact of this shift: “The transition from imports to local production holds substantial potential to benefit the local population.” He further notes that Koudijs is increasingly sought after for consultation, leveraging expertise, and forming partnerships, to actively support these initiatives and foster local production.  

Investing in the Continent of Tomorrow 

As the African population experiences exponential growth, the demand for safe and affordable animal proteins is on the rise. However, this growth presents challenges such as raw material scarcity and extreme price volatility. In African markets, maturity levels vary, resulting in some countries with more mature value chains, while others heavily depend on imports that inflate prices and affect farmers. Koudijs leverages export as a steppingstone. When the market reaches a certain maturity that allows for a viable business case to emerge, Koudijs transitions to local production. “This strategic approach enables direct farmer engagement, fairer prices, and substantial savings on transport and duties,” explains Mr. Mbundu and stresses: “Empowering farmers with better management and production techniques results in products of higher quality and stable incomes.” 

Koudijs actively pioneers change by investing in Africa’s poultry and aquaculture, committing to a long-term presence. Mr. Mbundu emphasises that De Heus, Koudijs parent company, establishes feed factories across Egypt, Uganda, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, to ensure prompt top-notch feed delivery, support of local producers, job creation, and valuable expertise on the ground. Beyond production, Koudijs engages in initiatives such as consulting, driving demand, nurturing the feed industry, and building essential relationships. Hereby, seminars, farm advice, and assistance play an integral role in propelling local market growth.

Embracing Progress and Collaborating with Africa’s Feed Industries 

Philippe Mbundu, born in Africa and raised in the Netherlands, holds a profound connection to the continent, particularly the Central African Region. His deep-rooted affinity for Africa’s diverse cultures, its people, and the immense economic potential fuels his commitment to working alongside local communities. He envisions that partnering with young Africans can drive economic integration and significantly contribute to the development of the local private sector.

“I firmly believe that the private sector serves as the backbone of every economy, capable of propelling prosperity, fostering innovation, and driving overall development,” asserts the Export Manager. He underlines:Recognising economic opportunities in Africa and collaboratively building them with its people drives me to advance the poultry value chain in Central and West Africa. I travel to these regions as often as I can to remain connected with the local communities.” 

NABC Membership: Joining Forces for Future-Proof Business 

Koudijs knows of the importance of collaboration and partnership for doing poultry business in Africa. “That’s why we became a member of the NABC and joined the NABC’s Dutch Africa Poultry Platform (DAPP) more than twenty years ago,” says Mr. Mbundu. NABC’s trade missions and Africa-focused business events enabled Koudijs to connect with potential investors and consumers. “Without these connections, we cannot do business,” states the poultry expert and adds: “It is thus important for us to be part of the NABC network and foster economic growth through and with the network.” Hereby, “the DAPP is especially valuable because it bundles Dutch poultry expertise on the continent and allows to jointly develop the local poultry value chain in a sustainable manner,” concludes Mr. Mbundu.

To learn more about Koudijs’ feed products and services, please visit: www.koudijs.com