Better Breeding Today for a Brighter Life Tomorrow

With the global population expected to rise to 10 billion people by 2050, food and nutritional provisions are a key necessity. Animal breeding and genetics company, Hendrix Genetics ensure better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

9th of November 2021 Member Spotlight

While in the past there was little to no systematic way of effectively producing animals, today intentional and thought out animal breeding has been established. Conducted by animal breeding experts such as Hendrix Genetics, innovation and technology are used to produce and breed animals using favourable genetics to create the best results.

As explained by Peter Arts, Area Manager sub-Sahara Africa, for the Business Unit Layers, Hendrix Genetics does this by selecting pure lines and annually testing ten-thousands of birds before starting with multiplication to produce Grand Parent Stock (GPS). These GPS are then presented to many countries on several continents to ensure that customers worldwide can be supplied with new Parent Stock (PS). While Hendrix Genetics specialises in the breeding of turkeys, traditional poultry, swine, salmon, trout and shrimps, in the case of the Layers Unit, the genetically strong Parent Stock produce new commercial layers that produce table eggs for local egg consumption.

Supplying the African continent with sustainable layers

Working in Africa for the past 6 years Mr. Arts notes that Africa is an interesting market because of it’s vastness, diversity and the increasing needs of the growing population. “We need to feed the world. Chickens cannot be produced at a low rate like in the past as this would require more chickens, more land and more feed. This is not really sustainable. At Hendrix Genetics, we continuously create more efficient birds that can handle diseases better, live longer, produce more saleable eggs and consume less feed”, stated Mr Arts. “Eggs provide the most affordable and healthy source of not only protein but also vitamins and other important nutrients” he continued. As such, Hendrix Genetics plays a significant role in the sustainable mitigation and prevention of food shortages.

In addition to providing and delivering parent stocks, Hendrix Genetics is involved in transferring knowledge on how to raise and manage chickens. Via regular visits to farms, customers are also advised on their poultry farming techniques. Furthermore, as the production period of the layer hens comes to an end, though they are not bred for meat production, they can then be used for consumption. This brings added value to Africa as well.

Key accomplishments

Throughout the years, the provision of parent stock for clients in Africa has enabled the development of hatcheries all across the continent. These hatcheries then produce chickens that are delivered to farmers, including smallholders.

While each of these hatcheries deserve their own credits for their accomplishments, according to Mr. Arts, one of the key accomplishments of the Layer Business Unit at Hendrix Genetics is being a part of the development of the poultry value chain in Africa. “Via the Dutch African Poultry Platform and with other partners within the NABC community, we represent the full poultry value chain. We cannot provide value on our own. Together we bring vaccines, better feed, equipment, knowledge and skills which we like to share with our African clients. Our task is then to improve the poultry production in Africa. That’s something to be proud of”, explained Mr. Arts.

For the Layers Department, the goal for the future is to continuously improve genetics, put more parent stocks in place and make sure there is always access to healthy sustainable breeding stock.

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