MATCH: Hiring African Talent

MATCH was a demand-driven circular migration project that aimed to address labour market shortages in 4 EU member states: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. For a period of three years, this was achieved by enabling an estimated 105 migrants from Nigeria and Senegal to work for a period of six months to two years in companies within sectors where specific labour shortages had been identified.

In the Netherlands, the NABC worked in partnership with IOM the Netherlands to promote existing legal pathways for highly skilled candidates from Nigeria and Senegal to work temporarily in Dutch companies; primarily within the ICT, technology and digitalisation sectors.

MATCH in practice - an overview

MATCH Project Timeline

Introducing MATCH

Past MATCH webinars

Webinar I: Introduction to MATCH - Hiring Talent from Nigeria & Senegal

Webinar II: Legal Pathways for Hiring Talent from Nigeria & Senegal

Webinar III: African talent and diversity in the workplace

Webinar IV: The Future of Work: Tapping into Africa’s Talent Potential

Webinar V: Harnessing top Nigerian tech talent to accelerate COVID-19 recovery

The MATCH project supports the implementation of the followings SDG's:

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