To contribute to the export of Dutch agriculture knowledge and expertise to Africa, that’s Hilde's ambition!

During her travelling and time in Ethiopia, Hilde saw a clear renewed focus on agriculture in Africa. The agriculture sector has become more evident in policy and development agendas across the continent. Investments are made and the sector is flourishing in many areas.

Working and living for 4 years in the agricultural sector in Ethiopia and travelling a lot to other African countries made Hilde realize that big changes can be made by putting more effort in the efficiency and quality of the production of agricultural goods. It is here where her passions are linked together; the agricultural sector, Dutch businesses and Africa. 

With a background in Animals Science, family bonds to the poultry and dairy sector and working for years in Ethiopia to link Dutch businesses to the Ethiopian sector, Hilde joined the NABC team in 2013. At NABC she is responsible for the organization's agrarian programs and projects, which are executed in collaboration with other agri team members. NABC is pioneering in combing trade and development through these multi- stakeholders sector specific programs. Through these activities, NABC contributes to strengthening long- term business relations between the Netherlands and Africa, both to the benefit of African economies as well as our own country. Contact Hilde for any information about the NABC's agriculture programs.

Hilde Duns

Position: Programme Manager

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