Anitra's interest in International News led her to study International Relations & International Organizations in Groningen.  After her Bachelor, she acquired a Masters in International Humanitarian Assistance. As part of her master degree she was an intern for 6 months in the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa working as a humanitarian policy advisor. Returning home, she took a great interest in Africa. 

Upon returning to the Netherlands, she was enrolled in the AMID (Advanced Master in International Development) traineeship, while working for Cordaid in the Food Security and later Security and Justice Unit for almost two years. Here she was working on a toolkit for conflict and value chain analysis, interlinking conflict or fragility, food security and the agricultural sector. While working on agricultural value chain development, she became more and more interested in the role for agribusiness in creating employment and improving food safety and security. Her interest in this role and opportunity for (Dutch) agribusiness in African development led to her position with the NABC in September 2016. At NABC, Anitra is responsible for horticulture programs such as GhanaVeg, horticulture trade missions and other horticulture activities. 


Anitra van der Kraan

Position: Program Manager Agribusiness

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