Virginie Peccoud

Virginie joined the NABC in 2021 and is working as a Project Assistant. She provides support to both the Strategic Programme team and the Africa Insight Desk, the consultancy branch of NABC providing market analysis and advising companies on African opportunities. Currently, she focuses on APD Mali, a project fostering female entrepreneurship in Mali and on other projects based in Francophone Africa.

Virginie has a master in Environmental and Resource Management with a focus on Energy and Climate Change from the Vrije University, Amsterdam. She also has a Bachelor in International Relations and Organisations from Leiden University during which she followed a minor in African Dynamics. Throughout her studies she got involved in various associations, and was, for instance, the chair of Amnesty International Student Group in The Hague.

The professional goal of Virginie is to contribute to fostering sustainable development in Africa. She strongly believes in the potential of the continent and in the possibility of finding innovative solutions to improve livelihoods while preserving the environment. She is an ambitious, open-minded and people-oriented person with a multi-cultural background.