Laurens Kuipers

Laurens performs a dual role in the NABC team. Firstly, he is responsible for the coordination of several horticulture programmes in West Africa such as Seeds 4 Change (S4C), Tailor-Made Training Plus, and the trade component of the Hortifresh programme. Additionally, Laurens is also part of the NABC Insights desk, where he consults companies on specific opportunities and country strategy development.

Prior to working for NABC, Laurens lived in Myanmar, where he worked for a Dutch company that provides farmers with organic fertilizers and biological root treatments. He witnessed how inefficient practices and a lack of quality inputs can diminish the yields of otherwise healthy and fertile land. He noticed similar challenges during his work at the Dutch Embassy in Ethiopia, where farmers had little choice in terms of agriculture inputs and farming approaches. Laurens’ work is built on the belief that the private sector is excellently placed to address these issues and that both the Netherlands and the recipient countries should benefit in tandem from future leaps in agriculture practice and technology.

Laurens holds a Master degree in Economic Geography from the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Laurens Kuipers is NABC’s first point of contact for questions relating to Ethiopia.