Hilde Duns

To contribute to the export of Dutch agriculture knowledge and expertise to Africa, that is Hilde’s ambition!

During her travelling and the years she lived in Ethiopia, Hilde witnessed a renewed focus on agriculture in Africa. The agriculture sector has become more evident in both policy- and development agendas across the continent. Investments are being made and the sector is flourishing in many ways.

While residing in Ethiopia and working in the agricultural sector there for more than 8 years, contributed to Hilde’s conviction that big changes can be made by putting more effort in the efficiency and quality of the production of agricultural goods. It is here where her passions are linked together: the agricultural sector, Dutch companies and Africa.

With a background in Animals Science and with strong family bonds to the poultry and dairy sector, Hilde joined the NABC team in 2011 and continued working while being based in Ethiopia. At NABC, she is responsible for the poultry programmes and projects, which are executed in collaboration with the main stakeholders in the Dutch and African sector.

Hilde Duns is NABC’s first point of contact for questions relating to Ethiopia.