Fleur Messer

Over the last 15 years, Fleur Messer has worked for various companies in 4 different continents. In Africa, she lived for multiple years in Congo DRC and Ethiopia and visited many African countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Benin and Kenya. During these years living abroad, she also improved her French and English.

Fleur is energetic and brings structure where structure is required. She has experience in leading people and projects in a cross-functional and cross-cultural environment. She is capable of uniting and inspiring groups of different people in reaching one mutual goal.

After her master’s degree in architecture at the Delft University of technology, Fleur worked with several Dutch and international architectural businesses as she was running her own firm for some years. During her experiences abroad and while doing her MBA at the Business School of Warwick, Fleur realised she wanted to combine her knowledge and her passion for doing business with developing countries.

At NABC, Fleur’s role is HR and Operations Manager which means Fleur is supervising the overall functioning of business operations, including staffing, policies, and quality & efficiency assurance. Her key responsibilities are to ensure all NABC employees develop and work in a positive and inspiring environment. Besides that, she will guide the process of defining the current mission and vision of the NABC and ensure everyone can effectively work in this new structure. Fleur is the “glue that holds NABC together” and is therefore essential for NABC’s overall well being and success.

Fleur’s personal motivation is always trying to look at the positive side of things. Her motto is: don’t be afraid of change, or something that is different but embrace it as a chance to never give up learning something new.