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What business opportunities are there currently in Mozambique? What things should be taken into account before doing business in the country? What are the expectations for the coming years? In this webinar - organized in collaboration with CTA, APIEX and IBO Investimentos Lda - experts provide their views on these (and more) questions, and participants can ask any question they have. We are delighted to have representatives of the Embassies in Brussels and Maputo as well as other key speakers. Participation is free. For more information or questions, please contact

Date: June 30
Time: 11:00 - 12:30 CEST
Language: English



 10:50 – 11:00

 Tune in, testing of mic and video

 11:00 – 11:05

 Introduction to webinar & brief update   NABC and Mozambique

 Mr. Arne Doornebal
Strategic Regions and Media Relations
 NABC (Moderator)

 11:05 – 11:15

  Invest in Mozambique: Business   opportunities for Dutch companies

 Mr. Agostinho Vuma
President of the Board
 Confederation of 
Business   Associations of Mozambique 


 11:15 – 11:25  Word of welcome: brief update on   COVID-19 in Mozambique  H.E. Ms. Ambassador Berta   Celestino Cossa
Embassy of the 
Republic   of Mozambique in Brussels

 11:25 – 11:35

 Word of welcome: trade and   investment relations between the   Netherlands and Mozambique

 Mr. Jurian Muller
Head of Trade and Investment
 Embassy of the Kingdom of the   Netherlands in Mozambique

 11:35 – 11.45  Doing Business in Mozambique:   Business Opportunities for   entrepreneurs

 Mr. Rui Monteiro
 Managing Partner

11:45 – 11:55

 Discussing opportunities &   challenges for Dutch entrepreneurs in   Mozambique

 Mr. Jan de Vries

 11:55 – 12:05

 Invest in Mozambique: Business   opportunities for Dutch companies

 Mr. Lourenço Sambo
Exectutive Director


 12:05 – 12:15

 Q&A Food & Agri Business   Development

 Mr. Wigle Vondeling
Consultant AgriBusiness
 Vondeling Africa BV.

 12:15 – 12:30

 Questions from the audience to the panel


 End of the webinar


  • H.E. Ms. Ambassador Berta Celestino Cossa, Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Brussels
    H.E. Ms. Ambassador Berta Celestino Cossa has been Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Mozambique in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (BENELUX) and Permanent Representative to the European Union since 2018 until now.
  • Jurian Muller, Head of Trade and Investment, the Netherlands Embassy in Maputo
    Jurian Muller is head of Trade and Investment at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mozambique. In this position economic diplomacy is an important part of his work: strengthening the bilateral economic ties, promoting Dutch economic interests in Mozambique and supporting the development of the local private sector. This is part of the Dutch approach to make a transition from aid to trade: shifting from aid to catalyse Mozambique’s ability to trade in a rapidly globalising world. Previously, he worked in the department for international enterprise at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the competition department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

  • Rui Monteiro is the Managing Partner of Turconsult, a Mozambican Tourism Consultancy firm focused on Financial Advisory Services, being also the representative of Rani Investment LLC in Mozambique as well as a partner and Board member in Rani Group Companies and some other reputable firms within the Tourism and Conservation Industries such as Luambeze Investments, Chiluilexi Conservation and Investments, partners of FFI International. Rui Monteiro accumulates both the technical expertise and a large knowledge base in the development of Tourism in Mozambique throughout its development in the last 20 years. Rui Monteiro is also involved on a personal basis in several other institutions such as CTA, the Mozambican private sector representation platform, BIOFUND, AHSM the Association of Hotels of Southern Mozambique, AMOS the Association of Mozambican Safari Operators and is a permanent representative on the National Commission for Labor, the National Statistics Committee and the National Marketing Committee.
  • Mr. Agostinho Vuma, President of the Board, Confederation of Business Associations of  Mozambique 
    Agostinho Vuma is the President of the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA). A Mozambican businessman with interests and investments in the areas of civil construction, real estate, energy, tourism, manufacturing and others. He advocates for economic reforms for the enhancement of the business environment and development of the private sector in Mozambique. As Champion of the SBNMOZ, he encourages actions that strengthen the national food situation and sustainable business development. He is a member of the African CEOs Board of Fame and an honoree with the African Leadership Medal of Honor from African Leadership Magazine.

  • Mr. Jan de Vries, CEO, Cornelder
    Jan Laurens de Vries is the Executive Managing Director of Cornelder de Moçambique, Operator of the Port of Beira. He has degrees in Business Administration with specialization in Logistics and IT as well as a degree in International Relations. He started his career working for a shipping line before moving over to the Port and Terminal Industry. At Cornelder de Moçambique he has worked as Business Development Manager and Commercial Director before being nominated Executive Managing Director.

  • Mr. Lourenço Sambo, Exectutive Director, APIEX
    Mr. Sambo has been Director General of the Investment & Export Promotion Agency (APIEX - Mozambique) since June 2017. Before that he was Director General of the Investment Promotion Centre – CPI, from July 2010 to June 2017 and Economic Adviser to the Minister of Planning and Development of the Republic of Mozambique from June 2006 to July 2010. Among many studies, he conducted a study sponsored by the Friederich Ebert Foundation on the social and macro economic impact of deeper SADC regional integration in Mozambique as well a survey on the perception of the national business community and non-state actors as a complement to the study, published in South Africa by SAIA from WITS University namely the “REGIONAL INTEGRATION IN SOUTHERN AFRICA”, Vol 2, on Deepening Integration in SADC – Rapid Changes in Mozambique to Meet SADC Targets.

  • Mr. Wigle Vondeling, Consultant AgriBusiness, Vondeling Africa BV.
    Wigle Vondeling is a farm-born banker with over 23 years of experience in Agriculture & Finance in Europe and Africa. He now works as a consultant, with a focus on Food and Agri in Africa, business development, finding markets, mediation and legal structuring.

  • Mr. Arne Doornebal, Strategic Regions and Media Relations (Moderator), NABC
    Arne Doornebal (1983) organises trade missions to and from Africa, as well as conferences and workshops about doing business in Africa, occasionally moderating them. Doornebal joined NABC early 2016, initially focusing on media relations and writing press releases, tasks that are still part of his duties. These press releases get often picked up by the larges newspapers and websites in The Netherlands. Doornebal has travelled to 20 different countries in Africa, and lived in Uganda and South Sudan between 2007 and 2014, while working as a freelance journalist and photographer in the region. As a former correspondent, he is still being approached to comment on breaking news developments in Africa, for example by BNR news radio, Radio 2, Nieuwsuur or De Wereld Draait Door. He also writes op-eds, mainly for NRC Handelsblad and OneWorld, and occasionally analysis or interviews.

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Webinar: Doing Business in Mozambique
From June 30, 2020
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