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the NABC in cooperation with our strategic partner SGS, is organizing a Supply Chain Seminar in Antwerp, Belgium. Date to be announced!

During the day, the attendees will have a chance to gain information on various topics under the umbrella term of Supply Chain such as dangerous good and sampling service, product export compliance as well as learn about the process of obtaining ISO certification among many other highly relevant topics discussed in "sofa talks" sessions. The Supply Chain Seminar is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge as well as to network with supply chain specialists. The seminar will conclude with networking reception.

The participation is free of costs. A no-show fee of EUR50 applies.

For more information, kindly get in touch with Judith van der Horst.



10.00h.                 WALK-IN AND REGISTRATIONS

10.30h.                 INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME (room G4)
                                > Kristof van Hoecke, Marketing & Sales Manager, SGS Benelux
                                > Rob de Korte, Director, Steder Group

11.00h.                 MAIN PRESENTATIONS (room G4)
                                1. Introducing SGS Global and Benelux
                                Kristof van Hoecke - Marketing & Sales Manager, SGS Benelux
                                2. SGS Supply Chain Services
                                Laure Oomens, Customer Service Manager, SGS Supply Chain Services
                                3. SGS Agri &Foodstuffs Inspections and Testing
                                Erik Bulten, Commercial Manager - SGS Agri, Food & Life

12.45h.                 LUNCH BREAK
sandwiches and drinks will be served in room G4

13.30h.                 ROTATING SOFA TALKS
                                1. Logistics, room G4
                                Addie Bom, General Manager, Greenshields & Partners B.V.

                                2. Dangerous Goods & Sampling Services, room G3
                                Erik Eradus, SGS DGS - Dangerous Goods Services

                                3. Product Export Compliance, room G2
                                Laure Oomens, SGS Supply Chain Services

                                4. Product Conformity Export Africa, room G1
                                Steven Martens, SGS GIS - Government & Institutions
                                Eddy Postma, SGS GIS - Government & Institutions

                                5. Agri/Foodstuffs (Testing & Inspection), room M
                                Erik Bulten, SGS AFL - Agri, Food & Life

                                6. ISO certification and Export (HACCP, ISO 9001), room N
                                Paul van Meggelen, SGS CBE - Certification & Business Enhancement
                                Marie Portier, SGS CBE - Certification & Business Enhancement                 

15.30h.                 CLOSING RECEPTION


Rob de Korte

Director, Steder Group

Rob de Korte started his career at Husson Huijsman Shipping BV in Rotterdam in 1984. In 1990 Husson Huijsman Shipping BV became part of Steder Group BV, located in Rhoon.  Steder Group is specialised in shipping and landtransport in Africa. Rob has been the Director and a shareholder of Steder Group BV since 1999. Steder Group has a yearly revenues of around 125 million euros and has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dubai, Djibouti, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Romania. In the 1990s, Steder Group was the logistical service provider for EU Food Aid Programmes from Brussels. During that time, Steder also had offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Since 2015, Steder Group represents angency, Ethiopian Shipping Line, in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Djibouti offices is equipped with trucks and trailers for transport to Ethiopia. 


Addie Bom

General Manager, Greenshields & Partners B.V.

Addie M. Bom has a solid and extended experience in the fields of engineering, logistics, administration and management in Africa.

In 1983 he left the Netherlands and went to West African where he stayed for the following 15 years, working in civil construction and for his self-owned Logistics Company in Guinea-Bissau. In 1998 he came back to the Netherlands and after he settled down he found himself a job as the Head of Logistics of the Emergency and Reconstruction department of Cordaid (Mensen in Nood). End of 2009 he started working with Greenshields & Partners BV. (Forwarding & Shipping Business). 

After 3 years, it was time to expand and under his responsibility a new Greenshields & Partners ‘daughter’ company was constituted in 2013 in Burkina Faso. A 2nd Greenshields & Partners ‘daughter’ company was set up in 2017 in Sierra Leone. The combination of practice, theory, sound professional guidance and a  'passion' for “creating solutions” ensured the natural talents and sense of leadership, and organization to flourish.


Kristof van Hoecke

Marketing & Sales Manager, SGS Benelux

Kristof van Hoecke has a solid background in industrial engineering and started his career at SGS in 1993. After leaving SGS in 2006 to expand his knowledge, he re-joined the group in 2016 to focus on the digital transformation of sales and marketing within SGS Benelux. Besides managing the marketing and communication team for SGS Benelux, he also is the digital and innovation coordinator for SGS North and Central Europe.  




Erik Bulten,

Commercial Manager - SGS Agri, Food & Life

Erik Bulten started at the Membrane section at the University of Twente at the laboratory. Switched via process engineering, quality department to technical sales in 1998. Since 2009 active, within sales, of analyses in the Food & Feed market worldwide. Therefore, a lot of experience in the several issues within this market. Within SGS responsible for sales of inspection services (bulk & packed), chemical & microbiology analyses in the Agriculture & Food department in the Netherlands. Main focus is cross sales of all the services and opportunities within SGS, needed by the customers.



Laure Oomens

Customer Service Manager, SGS Supply Chain Services

With a background in conference interpreting for English and Russian, Laure Oomens is well aware of the importance of international trade and well-developed international relations. She started her career with SGS in 2016 as file coordinator. Several years and much experience later, she now works as her manager’s right hand. As Customer Service Manager, her objective is to make sure your shipment complies with your requirements concerning quality, quantity and packing/marking. Not sure if your equipment will be loaded into the right container? No worries, loading supervisions can be accommodated as well. A functional test should be witnessed in China? Local inspectors will be dispatched, while you are saved from difficult language barriers. Backed by a team of file coordinators and technically skilled inspectors, Supply Chain Services will try to accommodate your every export-related need worldwide.

Practical information

Date: Postponed until further notice 
Time: TBA
SGS House
Noorderlaan 87
2030 Antwerp

Event details

Supply Chain Seminar in Antwerp, Belgium
From January 01, 2018
Till January 01, 2018
NABC events
Antwerp, Belgium
+31 (0)70 304 3618