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How NGOs see Africa's Future 

'No businessmen in this country thinks a return to war is possible. Only the NGOs do; because it is their core business to preach doom scenarios.' These words, spoken by a South African beer brewer in central Africa a couple of years ago, suggest an entirely different view of the world exists between the private sector and the Non-Governmental Organizations. Does that division really exist?

We will try to find an answer to that question on June 13, when NABC and INTL FCStone jointly organize an 'African Business Club.' We will speak among others with Monique van 't Hek, national director of Plan Nederland, who will share her view of how Africa will look in 2050, in a discussion moderated by the Netherlands-African Business Council. After the talk, there is ample opportunity for the NGO-workers and civil society representatives to network. Also The Spindle, linked to PARTOS (an umbrella organization for NGOs), will join the debate. 

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African Business Club
From June 13, 2019
Till June 13, 2019
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