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The Annual Ambassadors Dinner of the NABC has become a tradition of growing importance and prominence. Once a year, NABC invites all African Ambassadors accredited to the Benelux and all of NABC’s members for an afternoon and evening full of networking and inspiration. With an average of over 25 participating Ambassadors, this event is unique in its ability to connect African Ambassadors with Dutch multinationals, SMEs and start-ups.

We are pleased to announce that the annual African Ambassadors Dinner will be hosted on Friday, November 30th at the Rabobank Headquarters, Utrecht. During the event, NABC will present the "Doing Business in Africa" Award to one of its prominent members.

This year's attending embassies: ( Please note the embassies attending are subject to change accordingly to the registrations)



Tentative program:

14:00  - 14:45  Arrival and Registration

14:55 - 15:10   Opening Remarks

15:15 - 17:35   Tailor Made Matchmaking with African Ambassadors and Dutch Private Sector

17:40 - 19:10   Plenary Session: Doing Business Award, Nominees pitching are: Kountable, JobNet Africa & Delft Imaging Systems

19:20 - 21:45   Cocktails, Dinner and Networking


Jimmy Nelson, Photographer

Jimmy’s dream has always been to create awareness about our world’s indigenous cultures through his photography.

Since his first internationally acclaimed exploration through Tibet almost 30 years ago, Jimmy Nelson has travelled to the world’s most hidden corners to photograph indigenous peoples. In 2013 he published his first book Before They Pass Away, with which his lifelong dream, to create awareness about the world’s unimaginable diversity, became reality.

On his journeys he is continuously witnessing the speed with which the amazing communities are embracing the future. He has come to realize, after a life spent traveling, that his camera is the perfect tool for making contact and building intimate and unique connections.

Learn more about Jimmy Nelson and his work by clicking here.


Patricia Monthe, Founder & CEO, MEDx eHealth Center

Innovation and excellence defines me. I am the promoter of the digital hospital in frontier countries.

I take pride in being a challenger of status quo. I am an ambidectrous thinker with good ability to match strategic with operational thinking, technical with managerial knowledge, as well as rational with intuitive insights. People describe me as entrepreneurial and energizing, for the enthusiasm I exhibit towards situations that require new knowledge and innovative thinking.

I strongly believe that "emerging countrie's leaders must think without a box and today's lack of infrastructure in Africa is the greatest asset to win the fourth Industrail Revolution. "


Marianne Schoemaker, Head of Banking for Food Partnership - CEO Rabo Development, Rabobank

Marianne Schoemaker is an experienced banker with a strong focus on connecting and growing people, teams and businesses. In April 2017 she was appointed Managing Director at Rabo Partnerships B.V. a legal entity within Rabobank Group focussed on partnerships with a mission to further financial inclusion in developing countries and outreach to rural environments. The activities comprise investments and advisory services to financial institutions and development of food & agribusiness value chains in emerging countries in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Alliances and networks that support this mission are actively explored. 

Marianne started her carrier with Rabobank in 1993 within the Food & Agribusiness Research Department and fulfilled various positions in front-office, risk, HR and research departments. She worked as a product professional in Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Banking, Leveraged Finance, Global Learning and Talent Development. She led teams in Credit Risk Management, HR Talent Development and was Regional Head Agribusiness Research for Africa and Europe from 2014 to April 2017. She holds a Board position at BoPInc. a social enterprise that support start-ups, SMEs and multinationals in creating commercially and socially viable business models and activities that include the people in the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) as consumers, producers and entrepreneurs.

Marianne graduated as an agricultural economist at Wageningen University & Research with a focus on Consumer & Marketing Research and Development Economics.

Peter de Ruiter, Managing Director, NABC

Peter has over 30 years of professional experience as Tax Professional in PwC and EY. With this experience he built up an outstanding track record of successful high profile client engagements. Peter worked and lived in a number of countries. He gained tax and business expertise in emerging/developing markets such as Central Eastern Europe, Nigeria and West-Africa. 

He is a fiscal lawyer with a passion for the technical aspects of international and national tax rules. And he knows how to use this legal framework to achieve the business objectives of his clients. As senior partner in PwC Peter has led larger (up to 300 staff) teams operating in a number of different jurisdictions. Over the years he has achieved impressive revenue and profit growth with his teams in these countries. 


Marina Diboma, Deputy Managing Director, NABC

Born and raised in Cameroon, Marina Diboma is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam with degrees in Communication Science and Business Studies. 

She has proven experience in establishing and strengthening both South–South and North–South cooperation through trade, investment and development. Marina has a passion in building bridges between people and organization, and vice versa. She is fluent in four languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish. 

Her areas of expertise include: Economic Diplomacy, Development Cooperation, Media and Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Development and Trade & Investment with Africa. Within the framework of her professional activities, Marina has already led more than 30 business missions to/from the African continent. During these missions, she has always played the role of the head of mission and spokeswoman for both the public and private authorities.

Practical information

PDate: Friday, November 30th 

Time: 14:00-21:45

Location: Rabobank Head Quarters, Nederland

Address: Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB Utrecht

Train: The Rabobank Head Quarters is within walking distance of Utrecht Centraal

Parking at location (Limited Space): After the new building, follow the signs ‘Parkeren bezoekers’ (visitors’ parking). You will need to drive around the building to the car park entrance at the back. Please report at the reception, where you will be given directions to the venue.

(Paid) Parking Adress: If the main parking is full you can try, in order of distance from the venue: Jaarbeurs Parking or Moreelsepark, Spoorstraat 22.

Language: English

Dress code: Formal/Chic: Dress to impress


The ''Doing Business in Africa'' Award

Every year during the Ambassadors Dinner, a prestigious award is presented to one of our notable members. The ''Doing Business in Africa'' (DBA) Award aims to reward, with recognition, company's contribution to the sustainable and inclusive economic development within Africa. Apart from being an active member in the NABC community, the criteria include working in an informative, inclusive and sustainable manner, and having a clear strategy and an active engagement in the African market that has proven a business success. 

The following four companies have been pre-selected as nominees for the DBA awards are the following: Jobnet Africa, Delft Imaging Systems B.V., Kountable, and Tunga! The top three companies with the most votes will be given the floor during the Ambassadors Dinner to pitch their successful business stories and the audience will get a chance to vote for the winner at the event. 

Now we ask for your help - vote for the three companies you believe should battle for the DBA award, and you could possibly win two tickets to the Ambassadors Dinner!

Nominee Overview:

Jobnet Africa

JobNet Africa builds the international recruitment brand JobnetAfrica and expanded its team to 10 colleagues with 6 different nationalities working from Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and the Netherlands. Over the past 5 years they have placed more than 100 international, regional and local candidates in 24 different countries with their international clients active in Africa. 

Want to know more? Visit

Why should Jobnet Africa win the award?

One of the most important ways to help Africa grow is through education. However, to provide education for the offsprings, it is crucial that parents have sustainable income which is driven by economic growth. Jobnet Africa plays a notable part in developing a platform where parents have the opportunity to send their children to schools. This is done through working together with companies and organizations that work towards the economic growth and job creation in Africa. By doing so, Jobnet Africa ensures that the next generation is more educated and empowered than the last. 


Delft Imaging Systems B.V.

Delft believes that everyone should benefit from innovations in the field of healthcare. Delft Imaging Systems provide diagnostic imaging devices and artificial intelligence software to people worldwide. In 2016, Delft installed X-Ray systems with CAD4TB software in 52 hospitals and clinics across Ghana. All X-Ray systems are interlinked to a central e-health platform, making it possible for hospitals to exchange medical information, and strenghten the Ghanian healthcare system. Over the last 5 years, Delft Imaging Systems' innovations helped to screen over 2 million people for tuberculosis. They have implemented over 40 projects in more than 33 countries, supported by their two local offices in Africa.

Want to know more? Visit

Why should Delft Imaging Systems B.V. win the award?

Delft Imaging Systems project in Ghana is a great example of their way of work. The clinics all have solar panels on the roof and can go without power for 4-6 hours, making it an excellent combination of sustainability and resilience in remote environments. Local doctors and physicians were trained in reading and reporting on chest X-Rays and tuberculosis. In addition, all technical maintenance to the equipment is carried out by local engineers of Universal Delft, their local office in Accra. Furthermore, to involve the local population, Ghanaian artists were asked to decorate all the clinics, making it a trully Ghanaian project. 





Kountable is a global trade facilitation platform that works with SMEs across Africa who supply big organizations like government agencies, non-profits and corporates with first quality, globally sourced ICT, medical supplies and industrial equipment. Kountable partners with SMEs to buy the goods they need on their behalf, eliminating the need for collateral, and providing an alternative to loans which is often faster and less costly.

Want to know more? Visit

Why should Kountable win the award?

Kountable lowers the barriers of African trade with funding, technology and management; therefore, provides an opportunity for African entrepreneurs to access the global markets. Furthermore, with Kountable, African buyers can expect nothing less but transparency, particularly within the supply chain. Laslty, existing global market leaders have not created solutions and without the right solution, these leaders have limited access to the African marketplace. Meanwhile, Kountable helps to build, develop, nurture and grow African middle class economies in a sustainable way through entrepreneurship and technology. 


Eager to hear more? These 3 companies will pitch during the plenary session during the event.




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