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Businesses all around the world are waking up to the fact that embracing sustainability is not an option, but the only way to brave these hard times. The call for focus on People, Planet and Profit is growing louder every day. In 2015, World leaders converged in Paris for the Climate Conference (COP21) where a historic agreement was made to combat climate change, in the hope for a sustainable future. This is however only the tip of the iceberg, raising the question; what are the sustainable and inclusive trends for 2016 in the business world?

Sustainable Inclusive Business, the Knowledge Centre - Kenya is one of the new initiatives under the KEPSA Foundation (in collaboration with MVO the Netherlands and with support of the Dutch Embassy). It strives to support you to become a Future Proof Business with a positive impact on People, Planet and Profit.

You are invited to the first Private Sector conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Business that will be held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Conference Hall on 27th April 2016. It will bring together members of the private sector, public sector, civil society and academia, working on various issues to speed up the process of creating sustainable and inclusive businesses.

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What the conference brings you:

  •  Opening by Dr. Richard Leakey, Inspiring speakers, opinion leaders, experts and artists
  •  Like-minded people and businesses from different sectors ranging from Health, Transport, Tourism, Agro, floriculture, Finance and Energy.
  • Tools to help you accelerate your business towards being future proof by embracing sustainability and inclusiveness.
  •  An opportunity to see and showcase practical examples on sustainability.
  •  Liaise and connect and become part of urgent Future Proof Business agenda dialogues.
  •  An opportunity to exhibit and promote your business activities at exclusive booths within the conference venues.
  •  Give an opportunity to business and individuals to support SIB KENYA efforts to promote sustainability in the country and tap into the private sector network of Kenya.  

Event details

From April 27, 2016
Till April 27, 2016
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