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Gain visibility in the media by having NABC's Communication Center write and distribute press releases to over 7,000 journalists and bloggers across Africa.

Join these companies in upscaling your PR-activities:

* UFF African Agri Investments. Received coverage on radio and financial newspapers in The Netherlands.

* Form International's Forests for the Future, New Forests for Africa conference. Was covered by the BBC, France24 and several outlets in Ghana and The Netherlands.

* Van Den Bosch transport. Press release led to coverage in newspapers and online news media in Ghana.

* Jobnet Africa. Received online coverage in several countries in Africa.

‘Impressive results. Our press release was posted on 7 African websites and got us over 400 new LinkedIn connections in just two weeks’ time' - Inez Willeboordse, founder Jobnet Africa.

* BBROOD. Gained press coverage both in The Netherlands as in Kenya.

* Africa Works! Attracted press coveraged of an estimated value of USD 30,000 in radio, online and print in The Netherlands.

The Communnication center is led by NABC's Arne Doornebal.

Doornebal has been working as a journalist with a focus on Africa for over a decade. He lived in Uganda and South Sudan for nearly seven years as a professional journalist, and has travelled to 15 African countries. He writes articles, blogs and op-eds, and produces radio and TV-reports.

Doornebal first reported about an NABC trade Mission in South Sudan in 2011, just a few months after independence. Early 2016 he wrote a press release about NABC’s trade mission to the Africallia trade fair in Burkina Faso, which was widely picked up by the Dutch media. Doornebal was also on the PR-team of the ‘Forests for the Future, New Forests for Africa’ conference which took place in Accra in March 2016 and was the spokesperson for the third edition of Africa Works!

Contact Arne on or call direcly on +316 23220286.

Coverage in the FD Newspaper

Here is an overview of media coverage achieved in 2016

Africa Business Communities

Africa Business Communities supports doing business in Africa by marketing communication services, events, custom media productions (content marketing) and market research. Via an impressive digital network, it is possible to reach upwards of 1.2 million African business professionals; it has built the biggest online B2B research panel for Africa with more than 15,000 participants and the Africa Press List with more than 7000 journalists and bloggers covering Africa.

The Africa Press List collects as much data as possible from the journalists who have registered and offers therewith detailed profiles for accurate targeting of press releases.

1. Complete Package

  • Press release creation: based on interviews and customised to your specific wishes
  • Distribution: the press release will be spread among 200 African journalists and bloggers (or more according to your wishes) active in your region or industry. The press release will also be published in NABC's Media outlets.

2. Distribution Only

  • Distribution of your own press release among 200 journalists and bloggers (or more according to your wishes) active in your sector or industry.