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Martine is a visionary and creative multi-tasker. She digs in a project and only lets go when goals are accomplished and the project is a succes.

After obtaining her bachelor’s in Design and her Master’s degree in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Martine started to work in the pharmaceutical industry. She was active in both local and international positions in project management and business development in companies as Rhône-Poulenc and Katwijk Farma.

In 1997, during a trip to Africa, Martine saw an opportunity to combine her education in design with her passion to do business. She founded BAU International. Her mission was to design and manufacture Green & Fair Home Decoration, while creating a company that allowed to empower, to contribute to job creation and to be socially inclusive. It turned out to be an untapped market.  In only a few years as many as three factories in Malawi produced for BAU International. A joint collection of products ranging from ceramics to plastic laundry baskets found their way to local African markets, Europe, Scandinavia and USA. This is where Martine built her deep expertise and market knowledge of East-Africa.

In Breaking New Business Ground Martine shares her knowledge and expertise on how to combine social benefit and international business potential. Relying on more than 20 years of experience, Martine knows how to turn complex issues into practical business solutions and hands-on business development support. Her background in design leads to creative approaches and strategies to implement new and innovative solutions

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Breaking New Business Ground
Haarlem, Netherlands
Business Services