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Bles Dairies stands for the cow and the world. Bles Dairies knows anything about the world of the cow and the cow anywhere in the world. This means: everywhere and in whatever way dairy is being developed, we can contribute. With our integrated approach, Bles Dairies offers all expertise regarding the cow under a single roof: Livestock, Consultancy and Genetics.

With our customers, Bles Dairies aims to meet the growing demand for good quality milk with high nutritional content to serve the world’s growing population. Striving to build a future with a high efficient and sustainable dairy production.

In short: through diverse activities, we deliver added value to milk production improvement world wide. Bles Dairies is your partner in the entire dairy value chain, from feed to factory gate.

Bles Dairies’ origins date as far back as 1854 when the Bles family started their own dairy farm. More than three generations the Bles family has been engaged in farming in Friesland, in the north of The Netherlands. This area is the origin of the famous Holstein-Friesian cows, which are well known all over the world.
Already before the year 1900, Lute Bles, the great-grandfather of the group’s current CEO Henk Bles, started his dairy farm for breeding high qualified animals. But he did not only concentrate on breeding animals, also managing the farm was a major aspect of the everyday activities. Feeding, housing and proper treatment of the cows were very important at the farm. Due to this, he received in 1915 a special sustainability award from the local dairy factory.

Next to breeding and managing, trading was also a key aspect. The Bles family, Henk Bles’ grandfather and granduncle, were involved in buying and selling high qualified cows at the cattle market in Leeuwarden. Therefor, wide knowledge was necessary and attention needed to be paid to the animals and customers. Being well-known as family, they created established customers in the local cattle trading.
Bles Dairies was founded in 1990 by Henk Bles and inherited this longstanding family farming tradition in a modern approach, world wide.

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Bles Dairies
Leeuwarden, Netherlands