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Agraplan started in 1994 and now operates on a global scale and offers to its clients a high-quality range of supplementary feeds especially designed for the poultry industry. For many years Agraplan has worked together with customers from all over the word on fine-tuning the products and adding new products to the range if needed. The complete line that Agraplan now offers ranks among the best in the world. Agraplan looks forward to working with you to improve the quality and the performance of your animals and to maximize their performance. Agraplan is part of the Animal Health Group. The Animal Health Group has 4 divisions. Agraplan, CLVP, Avecur and Innovee. Together they form a synergy that will give your animals an optimal performance. CLVP is an independent organization that carries out independent research on pathogens in poultry. CLVP serves the entire chain within the poultry industry and also carries out research on behalf of veterinary practices. The CLVP examines all defects with regard to the external characteristics of the respiratory tract, internal organs, gastrointestinal tract and bone structure. Further research like bacteriological or serological tests (ELISA) and swab samples for in-house PCR research is the second step of research that CLVP offers to clients. CLVP also offers the possibility of water and food analysis. The analysts of CLVP share decades of experience between them. CLVP is Salmonella accredited and ISO Avecur is the largest independent veterinary practice in the Netherlands which specializes in poultry and rabbits. Avecur has 11 accredited poultry veterinarians. Their combined knowledge is used for optimal guidance and thorough research for the customers. Our clients are always provided with all the necessary vaccines, medicines, supplementary feed additives, cleaning products and parasitic drugs from our own pharmacy. Through economy of scale and scope, we can always offer the customers competitive prices. Innovee focuses on ruminants (cattle, goats, camels and more) and offers a complete line of high-quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils. All the products are developed together with pharmacies, veterinarians, feed manufacturers and farmers. The products of Innovee ensures ruminant farmers all over the world to produce healthy animals that are capable of optimum performance all through their life. All Innovee products are free of antibiotics and other medication.

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 Agraplan Farmaca B.V.
Hardenberg, Netherlands