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Retail in Africa

Whether you are an importer, wholesaler, sell through a supermarket or a smaller outlet, many customers and retailers across Africa already rely on our extremely broad product range which includes a wide range of food and non-food products procured from around the globe. We can offer many well-known A branded products but we also have a privately branded range of over 140 food items. These are marketed under the GoodBurry brand. All of our GoodBurry branded products have multilingual labels and are considered as an excellent value for money range

We operate a fully bonded warehouse in The Netherlands enabling us to offer competitive export pricing for a very wide range of products even for smaller quantities per item. Our bonded warehouse is strategically located close to the 2 major European ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, with direct connections to most major African ports. We are very well known for our ability to deliver mixed containers swiftly and on time, ensuring that you are always in stock and customers are always satisfied. We can offer category management and promotional support as well.

Food Service in Africa

If you are active in the foodservice sector, then we can support as well. With an assortment specifically adapted to the needs of hotel catering, remote industrial oil & gas and mining sites, and even airlines we can meet the requirements and preferences of all your guests as well. Our food service range is trusted by professionals around the world.

We are already supplying to numerous African countries and consider ourselves as the Africa specialist.

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Dordrecht, Netherlands