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The EggsCargoSystem® contains a specific plastic pallet, a special plastic divider (layers) to separate the stacks and smart designed plastic egg trays (flats) for optimal egg protection. The EggsCargoSystem® forms the perfect joint venture with all modern egg handling equipment available in the market. All created to assure maximum egg protection.



The HatchCargoSystem® is world’s most innovative system where it concerns the transport and protection of hatching eggs. Our system makes the use of steel farm trolleys superfluous. The HatchCargoSystem® allows you to load 40% more eggs on the same truck. Beside this important topic, HatchCargo compresses your return load with 50% compared to steel farm trolleys.


Eggs have never been sold like this before: in an egg box specifically targeted at families with children. eggyplay® is an egg box with dual functionality. In addition to protecting and storing eggs, the box can be reused as a toy.

Pallet & Co®


This division sells high end quality plastic pallets for food and non-food industry.

Although our business was founded in the egg- and poultry industry, today we meet our customers in almost all food related markets.

All Clear®

The All Clear packaging range is designed for maximum egg protection during their journey to the consumers. Beside protection of the eggs, All Clear offers tremendous retail performance because of the fashionable design and high quality print.



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Barneveld, Netherlands