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Founded in the Netherlands in 1976, the Alpha Group of Companies has grown into one of the leading international trading enterprises in dairy products as well as other food products.
While the products for industrial use, like milk powder, butter, cheese and eggs, still account for a major part of our business, products for household use, like branded consumer packaging, are becoming increasingly important.

Our Group comprises of the following companies:

• Alpha Milkpowders Holland         : specialized in milk powders and dry milk derivatives.

• Alpha Trading Company               : specialized in butter, butter oil (AMF) and cheese.

• Alpha Food Products                     : specialized in fresh consumption eggs and other non-dairy food items (like fresh fruits & vegetables).

• Alpha Shipping & Forwarding      : specialized in road transport, sea freight and storage

• Alpha Nutrition                                 : specialized in various types of whey protein concentrate (WPC), pharma grade lactose & direct compressible (DC) lactose, infant formula  & sweeteners from the stevia plant.  

The Alpha Group imports and exports their various food products from and to most countries in the world and is active in the African market for many years. We guarantee top quality, delivery after delivery / shipment after shipment. We know our business like no other. 

With such facilities as storage, transport, shipping and financing, we are clearly fully geared to handle all developments within the ever-changing global market. Whether it be new products, new areas or even new price settings. We are not only familiar with the tastes and preferences of the various African countries in which we operate, but also adapt our products to each market’s specific requirements. In addition, we are able to respond rapidly to changing market forces as well as to our clients’ individual wishes. The latter, which may include private label production, changes in product specification or special packing requirements, are efficiently and effectively handled by our experienced staff.

Different packaging sizes are available, as follows:
- Our Milk Powders are being packed in bags of 25 kg, 10 kg and 5 kg, in sachets of various sizes and in tins of the sizes 400 g, 900 g, 1800 g, 2500 g and 2270 g. 
- Our Butter is being packed in strong seaworthy export cartons of 25 kg net weight each, with poly inner liner.

- Our AMF is being packed in new steel gas flushed drums of 190, 195, 200 or 210 kg net weight each.
- Our Cheese is being packed in blocks, loafs, wheels, off cuts (vacuum packed), in cartons and in BinBox.

- Our Fresh Shell Eggs are being packed in strong seaworthy (5-layer) export cartons, containing 360 eggs each.

We can offer you several types of milk powder packed under our privately owned brands, reputed and wanted for their consistent quality. 

Please contact us by telephone +31-416330345 / by e-mail or visit our website for more information. 
Upon receipt of your detailed inquiry, we will be more than happy to send you our best possible offer.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Alpha Group of Companies
Waalwijk, Netherlands
FMCG company (Agrifood)