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Company information

Agri-BSA is there to help the small holder farmers, agricultural organizations and cooperatives in Africa with the best available organic “biological” fertilizers. We will work closely together with the producer, farmers and institutes to provide a custom based fertilization program considering the soil conditions, the environment and the needs of the crops. Make soil analysis, provide education and instruction programs in collaboration with local universities.  Make it possible to use organic fertilizers annually, necessary for a good humus level and healthy production in the long-term.

Agri-BSA goal is to:

  • Connect the producers of organic fertilizers with the ministries and institutions in as well the exporting and importing countries.
  • Establishing research and training programs between local organizations, universities and the local farmers to teach and convince them in the benefit of the use organic fertilizers in the long-term
  • Connect the horticulture ( biological ) sector in Europe with the small holder famers and cooperatives in Africa.
  • Set up supply chain and distribution areas in the African countries.