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As of 2016, Closing the Loop has eight African partner countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Zambia, Mali, South Africa) with a local entrepreneur as main partner. They have an extended (mostly informal) network of agents and repair shops that often reaches national coverage. With this network they collect ‘end-of-life’ phones, circuit boards and batteries, and educate the local communities about the consequences of burning and burying mobile scrap. Currently we are developing a more formal network as well, for instance in February we are launching our first major marketing campaign with a mobile phone provider in Africa.

Closing the Loop is the first to close the loop for mobile devices. The collected phones, circuit boards and batteries are transported to Belgium for recycling by Umicore. Umicore, one of world's highest quality smelters, recycles the phones in a responsible way to new raw materials. From backyard recycling in developing countries it is usually only possible to recover 25% of gold, silver and palladium, while in state-of-the-art operations, like Umicore, in developed countries we can extract 95-99% of these metals. And the best part is: this proposition helps every link in the chain, it helps people in developing countries, it helps the mobile industry and it can help you.

Closing the Loop is selected as one of the best 100 Dutch innovations (Toekomstmakers Top 100 RTLZ) and received an investment of 360€ million of the PYMWYMIC to further expand international activities. Furthermore, the famous Dutch documentary-makers of Tegenlicht based one episode on Closing the Loop, called ‘Zwart Goud’ (black gold), which gave a lot of valuable attention and opportunities. We are very open to advice and new opportunities – feel free to contact. 

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Closing the Loop
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Electronics & ICT