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Foodmate is a leading poultry processing equipment manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Founded by industry experts in early 2006, the company quickly expanded its worldwide distribution into North and South America with the launch of Foodmate US in 2010.  Foodmate has since become the committed and reliable partner of major poultry processing companies worldwide.

Our team of dedicated professionals is backed by decades of poultry industry knowledge and experience resulting in the engineering, development and implementation of highly innovative designs geared to our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Though cut-up and deboning systems are the company’s main focus, Foodmate’s product line spans a wide assortment of processing equipment designed for live bird handling, killing and de-feathering, eviscerating, chilling, weighing and grading systems, and more. In addition to equipment manufacturing, Foodmate provides an extensive variety of spare parts and equipment service. Further supporting the industry, Foodmate also delivers equipment that can be used in industrial washers including crate washers, pallet washers and container/drum washers.

Driven by research, paired with unmatched knowledge and decades of experience, it is the company’s mission to innovate, automate and bring cost-effective solutions to the industry.


  • Poultry Equipment
  • Poultry slaughtery equipment
  • Meat processing machines
  • Cut up line
  • Breast Cap Deboning
  • Eviscerating Machines
  • Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Whole Leg Deboning
  • Total Dark Meat Solution
  • Thigh Deboning 

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Foodmate B.V.
Numansdorp, Netherlands
Agri-machinery & Equipment