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HSB identification is a leading global provider of products and services for large scale biometric identity solutions. We are growing at the heart of a new era where digital identities are issued to large populations. The solutions are created with our own software platform using technologies to recognise fingerprints, faces, irises and (smart) cards.

Typical project deliveries include hardware and software for biometric registration kits, (mobile) verification stations and/or an infrastructure for biometric matching and de-duplication (AFIS).

With over 15 years in business the company has proven to meet customer requirements for deployment and servicing of large scale contracts. In all these projects we have registered, identified and verified millions of people in countries all over the world.

Our main clients are government agencies and NGO’s. The headquarters of HSB identification is located in The Netherlands. HSB is privately owned.



    We have a dynamic team with strong skills and many years of industry experience to excel in the work we do. We help our people to improve every day and we serve our clients with products and services that meet high quality standards.


    The entrepreneur is in our heart. We create and deploy solution for our customers in a short timeframe. We offer flexibility where needed and our team operates globally and does understand how to work in different cultures with partners and customers.


    HSB identification has proven to be able to adjust and use new technologies, methods and ideas in real applications. We continuously look for new innovations that can bring our customers an ultimate advantage.


HSB identification works together with local partners in many countries of the world. We would like to work with selected partners that can fully benefit from our proven experience.

Typical partners are system integrators or IT companies with access to central governments with the following capabilities:

  • project management / project support
  • local support and service organisation
  • train operators and users
  • software and system integration

Currently we have strong partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and USA, but we are always open to more applications. Join us today!

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HSB Identification
Woerden, Netherlands