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Our company Ante BV is specialised in the import and export of new or second-hand equipment and machinery for the food and dairy sector. We buy and sell equipment and machinery for the dairy and food sector, both new and used. Our family is running the business together, combining more than 20 years of experience in the dairy production, e.g. cheese/yoghurt, with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing dairy equipment. Herco Hekking has built up a dairy factory from the ground up till a company that processes 6 million liters of goat-, sheep and cow milk, ensuring lots of experience on all levels of production, sales and distribution. Jurry Hekking on the other hand has made, installed and maintained dairy equipment for companies all over the world for many years. His expertise in manufacturing and maintaining dairy equipment together with his team of experienced workers ensures the highest quality of work for worldwide instalment and maintenance. Ante BV can offer you new and used equipment and install them with guaranteed the best service. All our equipment is inspected by our professionals and handled with care, and after quality control we can export it to every country in the world by ship, plane or truck.

We also have clients in African countries. The equipment with African destinations is shipped in big containers with a lot of space. That is why we can also ship any kind of agricultural machinery from our neighbour company to Africa.

With Ante BV we want to share our knowledge and passion for the dairy sector. With our expertise, we can help you in getting new or used dairy machinery and equipment, and in building dairy processing lines.

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Ante B.V.
Marienheem, Netherlands
Agri-machinery & Equipment