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Aké | partners is a focused investment and government relations advisory firm which assists clients navigate the operational, procedural and regulatory obstacles of doing business or seeking to invest in sub-Saharan Africa. With a  formal and  informal network across many African countries, we help reduce the regulatory and operational “noise” to let you focus on doing what you do best. We have strong relationships with contacts in the region and we work in partnership with your existing advisers including lawyers or bankers to ensure that the client sources the right opportunity and is ready to do business in sub-Saharan Africa. We work closely with governments, regulators and other public officials to provide an effective service and work towards your desired goal. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we do this by leveraging our expertise in the key economic hubs in the region.


  • Assist potential investors and companies to source and identify investment opportunities in the region.
  • Provide strategies to market entry, market expansion and market withdrawal.
  • Identify essential government and public sector contacts and facilitate key meetings for the client.
  • Project manage the establishment of a client’s on the ground business presence by assisting the client to navigate the regulatory registration approvals.
  • Perform due diligence, assist with deal negotiations and work towards successful transaction closure.
  • Manage the regulatory approval process through our expertise and wide network of partners.
  • Communicate and promote the image and profile of clients amongst regulators, governments and relevant decision makers.
  • Leverage existing relationships to promote rules and regulations in the best interests of our clients.


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Aké Partners
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