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Based on decades of dedication and numerous successful projects all over the world, Marel Stork Poultry Processing has become a technology market leader in innovative in-line poultry processing equipment. With a strong focus on innovative technologies and service, Marel Stork provides in-line solutions for processing broilers, turkeys and ducks at all capacity levels.

Marel Stork has the biggest installed base worldwide. The company offers a wide range of processing solutions, including:

• Live bird supply
• Stunning, killing, scalding and de-feathering
• Evisceration and giblet processing
• Chilling
• Automatic quality grading
• Cut-up and deboning
• Marinating and portioning
• Further processing
• Weighing, grading and batching
• Weigh price labelling
• Production control software
• Spare part service and preventive maintenance programmes

Modular approach

Marel Stork systems are modular in construction. This means that practically all components of the production process can be scaled up and that you will not need to replace all modules when extending. Our in-line solutions grow along with your business. In the first phase, for example, a number of part processes in the primary process can be automated, such as stunning, killing, scalding and plucking. These can be combined with manual evisceration, cut-up and filleting.

Step by step

At a later stage, these part processes can be automated in phases. Besides cut-up and deboning steps such as slicing, portioning, forming, marinating, coating, frying and cooking can be automated, as can be weighing, batching, packing and labeling. With our solutions, you can make all the end products currently available in the market.

Reliable processing equipment and optimum service

Marel Stork equipment meets the highest quality standards and is known for its high yields, reliable performance, well thought-out maintenance concepts and low cost of ownership. Maximising yield, throughput and uptime are key factors.  When looking for maximum added value, latest efficiency improvements, optimization of product presentation, hygiene and food safety, Marel Stork is the company to contact.

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Marel Stork
Agri-machinery & Equipment