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Through the years, our cooperative has succeeded as a result of many mergers. We deliberately stress that we are a cooperative, because we are an organisation of and for the horticultural industry. The cooperative has more than 850 members, all of whom run a professional horticultural business.

As mentioned above, Horticoop has arisen from a number of businesses which have merged into a single organisation over time. All the parties involved came to the conclusion that, between them, they could provide far more added value for the horticultural industry as a whole; more products, more services and more expertise. Coöperatief Koninklijk Tuinbouwcentrum Horticoop consists of the following businesses:

  1. Horticoop bv
  2. Lentse Potgrond bv
  3. Slingerland Potgrond bv
  4. Mardenkro bv
  5. Alflora bv

We have been in business now for more than 100 years, and since 2004 we are one of a select set of Royal Cooperatives in the Netherlands. This is a title of which we are very proud.

Our people know their trade and are familiar with the ins and outs of horticulture. These specialists are familiar with your processes and up to speed with the latest developments, so they can provide the best solution for any cultivation issue. This means that when you contact us, you will always be speaking to a specialist who can advise you properly and help you with all your cultivation issues.

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Bleiswijk, Netherlands