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Smooth operator

KOTUG is a leading towage operator offering its innovative services on global scale. With a sophisticated, powerful fleet, its dedicated staff and well trained crew KOTUG operates in a variety of markets including towage services to ports, terminals and at sea as well as in the salvage, offshore and dredging industry. KOTUG remains committed to the highest industry standards of health, safety, environment, quality and security. KOTUG is the award winner of the prestigious King Willem I Award 2014 presented by Her Royal Highness Queen Máxima of The Netherlands in May this year. The criteria used by the jury in the selection process were: daring, decisiveness, perseverance, sustainability and innovation.

In safe hands

KOTUG safely assists a vast range of vessels from and to their berthing places at some of the busiest ports in the World. In its ports of operations, KOTUG is always ready with a dedicated 24/7 service. KOTUG currently performs over 30.000 towage assistances per year. With modern and highly manoeuvrable tugs, the operations can be carried out safely with a minimum of tugs needed.

KOTUG works with the unique Rotortugs. The principal advantage of this revolutionary tug is its remarkable manoeuvrability, provided by its three azimuth propulsion units, making it the safest way to tow in narrow locks, bridge passages and confined areas or even in adverse weather conditions. Due to the azimuth system, the bollard-pull of these tugs is maintained at an almost 100% level in any direction the tug is pulling. Due to the Rotor®tugs’ excellent manoeuvrability, fewer tugs per job are needed.

Leadership at terminals

KOTUG provides terminal towage with a full range of operational support services for escorting, berthing and safety cover, including firefighting, oil pollution control to the Oil & Gas and Mining industry. KOTUG provides assistance in securely berthing and mooring of LNG carriers, support during cargo loading, port security services, pilot transfer services, standby services and pollution prevention and control.

KOTUG understands the requirement to mitigate all risks associated with Terminal operations, and have well established training and integration programs. These programs ensure that pilots, masters and crews are fully prepared to work together in meeting project specific safety, environmental, operational and emergency response requirements.


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Kotug International
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